The Risk/Reward Realization

Take your shot. You’ll thank me later.

Lucas Hawthorne
5 min readNov 12, 2019


Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. Photo credit: The Motley Fool

Have you ever wanted to ask out a guy or girl, but you were too scared and too nervous to do so, and the opportunity ended up passing you by?


What about a job or school application? You wanted to give it a shot, but you didn’t think you’d make it anyway, so you didn’t apply?


It’s time we have this conversation:

We need to stop letting opportunities pass us by, for the rewards frequently, if not always, lead to a much greater outcome than mere rejection.

Let’s use the attraction example the article began with.

Bob and Ashley.

Bob’s a great guy who has a crush on Ashley, who’s a great gal, and Bob would like to ask her out on a date. They’ve been high school classmates for a while and they know the other exists, but they’ve never been anything more than acquaintances. They think the other is pretty cool, but they’ve never taken a step further than that.

But to Bob, Ashley is more than cool. She’s beautiful. Besides her great looks, she’s got a stunning personality. She’s funny, witty, intelligent, kind, respectful, loyal, and charismatic. “I’d love to be in a relationship with her,” he daydreams.

He sees her sitting by herself at lunch one day, and after shuffling his feet back and forth for a while, he preps himself to go up to her and ask her out on a date. “You can do this,” he declares.

Five steps away…Four steps away…Three–

“Crap, I can’t do this,” he concedes under his breath. He stumbles past her and pretends he was going somewhere else. He goes through the school day like normal, except a little more sad than usual. He’s given up and decides to stay acquaintances, nothing more.

The days go by, and one day at lunch, he notices one of his classmates, Joe, sitting with Ashley and having a great time with…



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