What’s Better Than Learning From Your Own Mistakes?

An explanation of the power of observation

Lucas Hawthorne
7 min readOct 17, 2021


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I consider myself as someone who seeks the truth and does his best to speak and share the truth with other people.

To elaborate, there are a set of values that I like to promote as “good” and “right,” and what I mean by that, even further, are values that benefit the greater good, for oneself (for your own wellbeing but not for arrogance or self-indulgence) and for society as a whole (to help life run smoothly and not unnecessarily difficultly when interacting with others).

That sort of sounds like a mouthful, so let me give you an example of a value I promote as “good” and “right.” In fact, let me give you two that kind of go hand-in-hand with each other, both of which I’ve mentioned quite a bit recently: honesty and authenticity.

I believe being honest and authentic are good traits. Honesty is important because it builds foundations and relationships where people can trust one another. It cuts out the guessing games and BS that lead to unnecessary stress. Authenticity is also important, because while it also cuts out the guesswork that people have to go through to figure out who you really are, it also gives you a break, because you’re not going through extra effort to pretend to be someone you’re not. And in doing so, you get to (hopefully) proudly be who you are. To stand firmly in your unique pair of socks.

But if you read closely, you might’ve noticed that my explanations for why honesty and authenticity are good sound somewhat anecdotal and maybe even from my own personal experience, or even from observing the experiences of other people.

I don’t have a graph I can give you, or numerical figures explaining why being honest and authentic are good traits. I haven’t run them through the scientific method. I don’t have a PowerPoint presentation compiled with all my data that proves these traits are good traits to have.

But what I am armed with is a solid, diverse background of observing what happens…



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