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What I finally think the purpose of my content production is

Lucas Hawthorne
7 min readOct 14, 2021


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Before I explain where I’m going with my content, I’d like to take a step back and briefly detail where my story began.

My online content production journey began back in 2015, when I was but a junior in high school. For those who didn’t know yet, yes, I am a member of Generation Z.

The first platform I was able to publish serious content in was one where I don’t think one would normally expect to find serious content. This platform was, a social networking site where users can ask each other questions, most popularly anonymously.

It was all the rage in high school, and people would use the platform to ask questions or make statements they were too afraid to say without having their identities masked. Crush reveals, daring insults, and more.

What did I use the platform for? It was actually an outlet. A way for me to vent my frustrations about the world and how I wanted to change things and make things better. A voice of conviction that no one who knew me personally cared about. A call for help and desire for betterment.

It soon turned into a platform for me to spread words of encouragement. I started to lean away from merely venting and towards providing messages of value. Anyone can complain about the world, but not everyone can articulate how exactly we can make it better, or how even the everyman can do their part.

Once I finished high school, my content production spread its wings to explore other platforms. I jumped all over the internet, going to platforms such as Quora, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch.TV, and more. I even made my own podcast.

My primary platform has been Instagram for a while, but for personal reasons, I’ve decided to put a gate around it, a.k.a. setting it to private mode. While this does allow me to better control my social circle, it also creates a problem: not everyone can look at my content and extract value from it unless I approve their follow.



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