Embrace Change

For your development and growth.

Lucas Hawthorne
2 min readOct 18, 2020


An important reminder coupled with (surprise!) an old photo of me, taken in late 2018.

Boy, have I changed a lot since then. Simply sticking to appearances, I don’t have that tattoo anymore (it was a temporary kind), I now put lines in my hair, don’t wear that beanie anymore, new glasses, new shoes and socks, and…basically my whole outfit and appearance has changed! 😎

But we know that the changes that really matter go beyond the wardrobe.

I’ve learned so much in the past two years. My mind is more powerful and wiser than it has ever been. I see my mistakes more clearly than I did two years ago. Things have changed, the people in my life have changed, I have changed.

But these changes, you see…they happened for the better. Clinging to my old 2018 self wouldn’t do me any favors.

Being open to change, not being afraid to change, and allowing things to change is what allowed me to become the better person I am today.

People get comfortable with what’s familiar, with what they know, and they hide there. In doing so, however, they limit their perspective. They restrict the possibilities of what they could be. They hold themselves back.

Don’t put that leash on yourself! You’re much more than you already know. You just have to be willing to explore the possibilities.

I remember the day I put lines in my hair. It was a terrifying decision at the time, but has now become a necessity for every haircut. I love my new look.

I still remember how I used to see the world in my younger days. It’s something I look back on and say: “Oh young Lucas, if only you knew the things I do now.”

It’s time to spice up your life with some change and adventure. If everything stays the same, day in and day out, then you aren’t letting yourself live fully.

Embrace development. Explore. Try. Live.

(This is a post I initially created and wrote on my Instagram page, and I’ve repurposed it for Medium.)

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