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Some losses lead the way to victory

Have you ever crushed really hard on a guy or girl? Perhaps you made a move, but they rejected you?

What I want to help people realize today, is that sometimes, not getting what you want (in this case, a person) is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Think of your life as like a tree: In the beginning, there is only one timeline of you that exists, your tree trunk. But then, each and every single decision you make splits your life down one path, a branch.

Each branch on your tree represents every potential life you could’ve lived. The…

And why we need to correct ourselves

After receiving a Twitter notification that Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 presidential election, I took to Twitter to see what people were saying.

There were a lot of stones being thrown. Malice. Hate. Negativity.

But one tweet in particular caught my attention above all others, which read:

“I love seeing Trump supporters CRY, it’s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly inspiration. Their loss is the only reason I’m still alive, I was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved.”

I don’t care where you stand on…

It’s not what you get; it’s how you play.

One of my favorite analogies of all time: cards at the poker table.

You’ve probably heard me use this one a lot lately, but it really helps people understand how life works.

If you’ve played just about any card game, not just poker, you don’t get to pick the cards you get. Chances are, they’re dealt to you at random.

Whether you get a good hand, a bad hand, or anything in between, that’s what you’re stuck with, and you can’t change it from the get-go.

Complaining about your hand doesn’t do anything for you. Getting upset with the other…

It’s not all about you.

Saw someone on Twitter say: “If you disagree with something someone else is doing, and it has no [effect] on you, mind your own business.”

And I see a lot of people hold this mentality as well, and it’s raised some alarming 🚨 concerns for me.

By this wonderful logic, if you see your classmate being beaten to a pulp, you should simply watch and “mind your own business.” Don’t tell the teachers or get an adult to help, or anything. Look after your own hide.

If you hear about a bank robbery, don’t bother telling your kids that stealing…

Love, or control?

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It is of absolute importance that parents don’t try to “use” their child to fulfill their own self-interests and dreams.

This is something my parents did completely wrong, basically constructing my entire life and path for their own agendas, with no regard to how I wanted to live my life.

When it came time for college applications, this was when it become most evident. They decided what schools I would apply to. Of the ones I got accepted to, they chose which one…

Your chance to text me and build a closer connection!

Hey everyone, I’m proud to present some exciting news for you all! 🎁

Several days ago, I posted a story about a potential opportunity involving me getting a Community text number to establish a stronger connection between me and my audience.

Today, I officially decided to get that number, and now, you can DIRECTLY text and reach me at 202–918–3573! 🤩

You might be thinking, why would anyone wanna do that when they could DM me on Instagram?

Joining my Text Community will allow you to receive a lot more personalized content from me, as well as content that you…

For your development and growth.

An important reminder coupled with (surprise!) an old photo of me, taken in late 2018.

Boy, have I changed a lot since then. Simply sticking to appearances, I don’t have that tattoo anymore (it was a temporary kind), I now put lines in my hair, don’t wear that beanie anymore, new glasses, new shoes and socks, and…basically my whole outfit and appearance has changed! 😎

But we know that the changes that really matter go beyond the wardrobe.

I’ve learned so much in the past two years. My mind is more powerful and wiser than it has ever been. I…

Let people like the real you, not who you pretend to be.

Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not in order to impress someone.

People like to put on the “best” versions of themselves when they meet new people, or approach people that they’re interested in.

While social etiquette dictates that you should be polite and respectful when meeting people for the first time, it’s also rather important that you don’t exhibit any unrealistic characteristics, behaviors, or beliefs about yourself.

Think about it like this: you meet this girl or guy for the first time, and you develop a crush on them. …

There is more to pain than pain itself.

The pain that you experience in life isn’t meant to utterly destroy you and cripple you for life.

Pain exists to make us stronger. Stronger for ourselves. Stronger for others. Stronger for a cause, a purpose.

It’s certainly no fun to suffer, but what makes the suffering less painful is when you realize that it’s not happening to you; it’s happening FOR you.

I felt a great deal of pain growing up in the family that I did, and through the school life that I had. And while I’m not thankful to the people responsible for making my journey so…

Lucas Hawthorne

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